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  • Remembering Harry K. Wong

    It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of our beloved and esteemed visionary Harry K. Wong.  Harry’s impact on the education world is immeasurable and will continue to live on in the generations of teachers to come.  His entire professional career and most waking hours were spent helping teachers be effective and successful in the classroom.  Details of his life and passing can be found here.

    Harry left us with two manuscripts to publish, podcasts to record, and some journal articles to post.  Our work at Harry K. Wong Publications will continue as we ensure the work and legacy of Harry K. Wong thrive in schools and classrooms around the world.

    May his candle burn brightly in your school, classroom, and heart throughout your career.

  • New Websites Launched

    If you are reading this, you’ve landed on our new homepage.  Welcome!  We call this our launch page as it takes you to the various sites for all we do.  If you’re ever lost, come back to www.HarryWong.com to find your way.

    To preview or purchase any of the materials we produce, go to www.EffectiveTeaching.com to complete that transaction in a secure environment.

    Our interactive eLearning course on Classroom Management can be found at www.HarryWongOnline.com.

    To view any digital purchase, go to www.iWong.com.  All of the product players are on one page for easy access.

    Updates about the Wong Mean Reth Learning Campus in the jungles of Cambodia can be found at www.FDSFoundation.org.

    We are working on the launch of www.iWong2Learn.com which will offer a wealth of free information for teachers and administrators.  Look for this to be completed in the Fall 2024.  

    Visit us often as we will be constantly adding materials to help you maximize your effectiveness.