About Us

About Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc.

Harry K. Wong Publications is the life work of Harry K. Wong and his wife, Rosemary T. Wong.  Harry and Rosemary are the visionaries, lead authors, and creative designers of everything the company produces, as well as the owners of the privately held company.  They are former award-winning, classroom teachers who share with the profession through a variety of media what it takes to be an effective teacher.

The company is focused on bringing dignity to the teaching profession with relative content and quality materials at an affordable price.

To accomplish this, the business operates with these core values:

    •   Respecting the marketplace
    •   Producing materials that make one proud that they have chosen the teaching profession
    •   Providing value for products purchased
    •   Providing materials of extreme high quality
    •   Exhausting all means to produce a product correctly
    •   Contributing time, talent, and skill for the benefit of new teachers
    •   Contributing time, talent, and skill to ensure a successful school experience for less fortunate children
    •   Fostering a passion for enhancing the lives of teachers and students

Joining Harry and Rosemary at Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc. is a talented team of employees dedicated to exceeding your expectations in delivery of service and product.  Everyone at Harry K. Wong Publications is exceptionally courteous and efficient.  From the Customer Service Representatives who strive to make a simple phone call the highlight of your day to the Shippers who package the orders with attention and care, everyone is focused on helping teachers help children.

Harry K. Wong Publications has won numerous awards for their materials and the way they conduct their business.  They are considered by many to be the leading publisher of materials for new teachers and experienced teachers who want to become more effective in the classroom.

A portion of the profits from the company funds The First Days of School Foundation (www.FDSFoundation.org).  The non-profit corporation serves to help teachers and children around the world meet their needs and fulfill their dreams.  In the past it has funded Back to School celebrations, school uniforms and supplies for the disadvantaged, and conference registrations for new teachers.  Its current focus is building, supporting, and maintaining the Wong Mean Reth Learning Campus in a remote area of Cambodia.

Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc. is located in Mountain View, California.